UNEARTHED STONE - Don't deliver on promises & then tell you that you have no recourse whatsoever

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When I hired them, the first week of October, they assured me my job would be complete by Thanksgiving. This was a must for us because our kitchen has been torn up since then, and we had company coming for Thanksgiving.

Eight weeks later, they say "so sorry, we tried". I said "you have $3000 of my money and you won't even tell me when you can do the job." They said "read your contract, it says we don't guarantee installation times." I said, then let's just cancel the job since you haven't even started it." They said, "we don't give refunds, read your contract!" After begging, for an installation date, they still won't tell me when the job will get done. Thank God I had the foresight to pay with a credit card. A contract means nothing when you have substandard business practices!

It was my salvation in this case. I have a contract with an A+ BBB rated company that actually wrote in the contract that my job would be complete by Christmas. I gave them the opportunity to make things right and was told over & over again that there was nothing I could do & the job would be done when it was done - Read the contract!

You can't take people's money and then tell them they have no recourse, no guarantees, and no timeline! Give me a break!

Review about: Granite Countertops.


Tampa, Florida, United States #765754

Agree with everything!!! I think he is in the business of getting people to sign his *** contract, and then he refuses to do the work for which he was hired, and then he claims he has a right to keep your money because you are bound by contract.

He uses fancy lawyer words and bad grammar. He is threatening to sue me for breech of contract. After months of suffering without a functional kitchen, I had to hire someone else, a reputable company, who completed the job in 2 weeks, beautifully I might add! If he spent a quarter of his time actually working instead of drafting lame lawyer-want-to-be e-mails, he might end up with one satisfied customer.

However, I don't think that is his M.O. to begin with. I don't think the weasel is actually capable of doing the job. I googled his name, and it looks like this is his 2nd attempt at a start-up business in the area.

Please stay FAR FAR AWAY from this terrible business. You will end up paying dearly for it in time, stress, and loss of your $$$$!

UNEARTHED STONE - Terrible Company! BEWARE! They sell inferior stone!

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Do NOT use this company! They refuse to back their products and sell inferior stone.

After they take your money and you have an issue they tell you too bad and get out of the store. They have many ads on Craigslist - Tampa, guess that is the only way they can rip off more people. See the complaints all over the net and BBB. Owner and his wife will threaten you, yell at you, call you names.

They are thieves!

You can find bad reviews on YELP, BBB Org, Craigslist. If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

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Monetary Loss: $1000.


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What a shady group of slim balls. Kiona is the biggest thief of all.

Pocketed cash, sold me ROTTEN Marble!!!! Purchased marble from them, had to have it cut else where since there employee 'just got fired'. Great Story, FAKE. Thieves that will take your money and run.

Beware BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have taken there stone to 4 different cutters and NO ONE will cut it. The 5th guy I took it to who is the best in the area was the one who showed me the rot! He said NO ONE Could Cut it, and they had to have known.

Then he attempted to cut it with the correct saw and water table, it turned to dust. ROTTEN!!!!!

I am so disappointed in the crummy customer service most of all. Basically she told me it was sold as is and its not her problem.

So I have to dump this *** in my work dumpster and walk away from it. I paid cash, I have no recourse to take, unless I want to drag these thieves to small claims court.

Review about: Rotten Marble.

Monetary Loss: $750.



They are pieces of ***, and should go out of business. You get what you deserve. ***.

Brandon, Florida, United States #739908

yup, if anyone is dumb enough to use this "crack house" (look at my marble tops) they deserve what they get after reading these reviews. Their work is almost like someone that never has done this.

Get free vanity top ....... what good is is. We will be buying new from a real stone cutter.

WHAT A JOKE this company is. They won't be in business long.

Unearthed Stone

Pinellas Park, Florida 2 comments

I have used Unearthed Stone various times. They have completed the work when promised, sometimes sooner.

I did have one problem due to wrong measurements. My handyman had assured me they were correct. I stopped by the shop, told Spencer the problem and informed him he had cut the granite wrong. He offered to come to my home to see how he could correct the problem.

He brought all the paperwork and the diagram "Mr. Handyman" had prepared.

Mr Handy was wrong on his measuring. Spencer brought tools and corrected the problems right on the spot!

I will continue to use them for any granite projects I can afford in the future.

Review about: Granite Countertop.


Brandon, Florida, United States #739911

Kianna - you can't fabricate good reviews. Go and join angies list.

That would be fun to watch.

You guys would be fried! YOU SUCK!


ha, don't believe this for a minute. They wouldn't appease you for anything. Sounds like a comment from Kiana


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Unearthed Stone is far from a reputable company, they are a small business that lacks professionalism and talent. I just ended a FOREVER long contract with them for granite kitchen countertops. I was told that Spencer would come to my home and do a very intricate template to ensure the sizes were of the pieces were correct, the template took a mere 10-15 minutes and Spencer was out the door. He did not use a paper template like I was told he would by Kiana, and wrote them down on his clipboard. I figured he was a professional I would not need to worry. Up to that point, Kiana and myself exchanged emails frequently and I did not have any complaints.

The production......

So I was told that production would take around 1-2 weeks, that didnt happen. After my template I waited almost 5 weeks to receive a portion of my countertops (will explain that later). The week I was to receive my countertops, I receive an email on the last day they had to fabricate them, saying "Due to unexpected equipments failure we are slightly behind our estimated schedule. Repairs have been made and fabrication will resume shortly. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to to creating your custom counter tops." They LIED!, my slab was never on the table being cut that whole time. Kiana notified me that my marble top was being cut at the time the machine broke, and my slab was fine. Another week went by and nothing, they said they were waiting on a part to come in and the machine was running slow so it would be awhile till I got my tops in. I responded saying that I thought the machine had been fixed and everything was running smoothly now. Kiana said the part never came in and its still not working correctly, so that was another lie since the previous email said that repairs are being made and it would be running shortly. I told them I had company coming in on Sept 10 and I needed my tops in by then. That was giving them another whole week to fabricate my tops. A miracle must of happened and the part came in and the saw was up and running and Kiana said they would work through the weekend to get the tops in on Sept 3. Sept 3 rolls around, Spencer and his helper show up to install my tops, I was working so I let them in to do the job and came back after work. When I came back home, Spencer had to cut a whole in my drywall to get the tops to fit in one corner, I looked past that thinking its not too big a deal. The big problem was at the island, the intricate template Spencer made was about 3/4" off and I had a large gap at one of the corners. Spencer said he could cut a piece of backsplash from my leftover slab to fill the gap between the wall and the countertop and would fill the gap between the top of the cabinet and the wall with a small piece of granite. The only problem was Spencer was leaving town the following morning (wed) coming back Sunday night. I reminded him I had family coming in Sept 10. and Sunday was the 8th. So he would need to come in the 9th to install the backsplash and rest of my tops since he couldnt install the island and the bartop without the backsplash.

Spencers helper: He was complaining the whole time and wanted to go home, for some reason he felt the need to remove the supply lines from the valves beneath the sink when they installed the sink, the supply lines did NOT need to be removed there was plenty of clearance to set the sink with them installed. I removed the temporary tops they brought myself before they got there and shut the water off. BTW the temporary tops they gave them, leaked at the sink so I put a rug and bucket under it the whole time to catch the water. Well as his helper was removing the supply lines he ever so slightly turned the valve and a small drip started, and I never checked the valves after they installed the sink cause I didnt install my faucet till later. The helper also removed the rug from the cabinet as well. When I went to install my faucet I noticed it was wet and saw the valve was leaking, it ruined my brand new cabinet. Skipping forward, I told Spencer about this when he returned and he said "well thats why I have in my contract I am not responsible for removing any plumbing." I told him the supply lines didnt need to be removed. He had nothing to say besides "I'll kick his *** for you."...... Another terrible way to address a problem.

Payment........NEVER give these people your money till the job is done, its your only leverage.

At the end of that days work Spencer wanted to get paid, I said I didnt want to pay him till all the work was done. He said he really needed the money for his trip and was counting on it. Spencer said he would give me the sealer for free if I paid right then. I said ok, only if Kiana gives me the 15 year written guarantee for the sealer. Spencer agreed to this. Spencer left me the sealer product to use on the countertops. I was busy working on the rest of the house and did not use the sealer. When Spencer returned to finish the tops he asked how the sealer went. I said I havent done in yet and he said Kiana has a sealer application to do tomorrow and needed the product back. He said he would leave me some, so he cut a water bottle and poured it into it. I asked Spencer if the product would evaporate out if I didnt use it right away. Spencer assured me it wouldnt. The sealer product stinks to high ***, and with family coming on on Sept 10 I figured it wouldnt be a good idea to do it that night or while they were there. Sept 11 I went to do the sealer and noticed half the amount Spencer left was gone, it evaporated like I thought. So I used all that I could but wasnt able to finish the tops. I went to Kiana and asked for more and she said she used all she had and didnt have anymore. She would let me know when she got more. I emailed Kiana later asking about the sealer and about the guarantee I was told I would receive. Kiana responded saying "I think you just get a sealer from Home Depot. I haven't ordered any more, and I really don't think it's Spencer's fault that it was left sitting out to evaporate. He said he left you almost eight ounces, which is enough to cover almost 100 square feet. You got free back splash, the opportunity to have free sealer for the whole week, which you should have applied immediately. I honestly don't think we should be responsible for this."

In which I responded with this "I wasnt saying it was anybodys fault, but then again if I was told that the DryTreat would evaporate out if left out too long, then this wouldnt of been an issue. But the guidance I was given was that it would not, I was busy with my family and didnt have the time to do the counters the next day so instead I choose to wait when I had a chance. But its fine if you dont want to give me anymore of the material I will get some on my own. I would rather not hear that I got "free backsplash", I got "free" backsplash because of a bad template that resulted in a 3/4" gap. Moving past that, I still need the written guarentee for the countertops. I will get more of the DryTreat myself. "

I never heard anything back from Unearthed Stone, and I am glad, I have no other business to do with them, they are a terrible company and I would never recommend them to anyone.

P.S If your installer ever tells you "caulking hides everything" hes not very good at what he does....

Review about: Granite Countertops.

Monetary Loss: $2000.



Its funny Spencer fails to say anything how it took a month to fabricate 4 pieces of granite, but instead tries to bash me for not using the sealer right away.

Lets clarify something then, "he was dumbfounded that leaving an open container of liquid out on his counter would result in any of it evaporating." Well, if anyone is dumbfounded it should be you, I asked specifically if the product would evaporate out, YOU said it wouldn't. Therefore shouldn't you be dumbfounded? I have never used that product before, I don't know what ingredients are used to make the product, YOU do, YOU put it in a cut off water bottle, YOU use the product frequently, I was following YOUR direction. Also, lets remind ourselves why I didnt use the sealer the same day or the next day, YOU had a month to fabricate my tops, and it took you guys the EVENING before I had company to finally install them! So I guess, I should of used the sealer that day or the day they got there, so while were eating dinner we could all choke on the fumes....That's smart. I used it the day after, so dont make it seem like I waited a week to use it.

Also, what you said is a lie, "Its amazing how people can write vindictive and malicious reviews like this after their ridiculous claims are denied." Ridiculous claims are denied..... YOU agreed that if I paid you up front before you finished, YOU would have Kiana write up the guarentee from DryTreat! YOU said, applying the DryTreat was simple and anyone can do it, just wipe it on and off. I asked if Kiana would have an issue giving me the warranty, and YOU said NO! Or I guess, I am making that all up... YOU just wanted the money and had no intention of giving me the guarantee.

Kiana and yourself like to throw around this word "free", free bathroom top, free backsplash... Lets not make it seem like I am the only person getting these "free" items, Unearthed Stone advertises that if you purchase countertops from them a bathroom top is included. Therefore it was part of my contract price, and isn't free, its an incentive to want to come to their store. "Free" backsplash, you said it yourself I opted out for not getting the backsplash, and you were right I couldnt afford it. But when you say "free" that doesn't make sense, my contract price was a set price ($2k): for the slab, fabrication and installation. Well, I paid for the slab, so I owned the "free" backsplash, I paid for the fabrication of the "free" backsplash, and I paid for the installation of the "free" backsplash. So, you can throw that out the window as well. Also, I guess I need to remind you of why you had to install the "free" backsplash. You made a poor template, and that resulted in the gap at the wall. Did I make the template? No, YOU did. If a wall is out of square, its your job to make the stone fit to eliminate the gap, a correct template would of took measurements from point A and point B, not just point A. You would of then cut the stone at an angle, therefore eliminating the gap. Wow, rocket science.....

Take a look at the pictures.... well I didnt see any pictures, but I could easily post some pictures of the hole in my wall, chipped edge at the pantry (don't think I didnt notice after you left), my ruined cabinet due to your helper ($200+ cabinet), and the gap at the wall and the paint you removed in order to fix your mistake (BTW, I dont have anymore of that paint thanks for asking if you could do that). So I advise you to not go that route either....

Spencer, you need to learn how to own up for your mistakes and make things right with your customers or else there will plenty more reviews like mine and the ones below for you and your company that will put you out of business. Learn how to be honest.


Here are some pictures of the awful installation Eli is claiming above. You be the judge. Eli refused to pay for sealing, was left an entire bottle while I was out of town, hadn't used any of it a week later. I left him half a water bottle full, days later he still hadn't used it. Not only had he still not used it, he was dumbfounded that leaving an open container of liquid out on his counter would result in any of it evaporating. He got a beautiful kitchen, he received a free bathroom counter top, free back splash under his raised bar, because according to him "I cant afford back splash." Even though he was strongly advised to get some. Why would anyone expect to receive a written warranty from an accredited factory certified sealer, for counter tops they did not actually seal? Its amazing how people can write vindictive and malicious reviews like this after their ridiculous claims are denied.

Take a look at the pictures and judge for your self. Unfortunately for Eli I was not put on this earth to fix his mistakes, though apparently he was put here to extort me into giving him hundreds of dollars of free materials and labor else I suffer a review like this.


Largo, Florida 2 comments

oh my god. Just like the other reviewers, excuse after excuse.

We are at 1.5 months and NOTHING. Spencer is nothing more that an AHOLE. What a flop joint. They should be shut down.

They took our deposit. Upon template time, their saw was down. Owner thinks he is a mechanic... ha.

15 days later, they hired a mechanic to fix. They then gave us a date three weeks late with no promise of that date. The owner, Spencer, is a little weasel that thinks he is a lawyer.

It is obvious that he has had unhappy customers in the past. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Review about: Granite Countertops.

Monetary Loss: $2600.


Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #765751

Agree with everything!!! I think he is in the business of getting people to sign his *** contract, and then he refuses to do the work for which he was hired, and then he claims he has a right to keep your money because you are bound by contract.

He uses fancy lawyer words and bad grammar. He is threatening to sue me for breech of contract. After months of suffering without a functional kitchen, I had to hire someone else, a reputable company, who completed the job in 2 weeks, beautifully I might add! If he spent a quarter of his time actually working instead of drafting lame lawyer-want-to-be e-mails, he might end up with one satisfied customer.

However, I don't think that is his M.O. to begin with. I don't think the weasel is actually capable of doing the job. I googled his name, and it looks like this is his 2nd attempt at a start-up business in the area.

Please stay FAR FAR AWAY from this terrible business. You will end up paying dearly for it in time, stress, and loss of your $$$$!


I agree, UnEarthed Stone should not be trusted. LIARS!


Palm Harbor, Florida 1 comment
Not resolved

I just want to warn everyone out there looking for granite. This company called Unearthed Stone on 102nd Ave N.

Pinellas Park, FL are not the people you should use to do your granite work. I was reading the article from another person that was pissed off and every thing he said and more happened on a Kitchen and Vanity that they got from me. The other pissed off person later took back everything he said about this company. Well trust me every thing he said I just went through with this company.

There work is well below sub par work he stated. I sent then an email with everything I want fixed. They final responded back with a threat to call the Sheriff for harassment for requesting thing's to be fixed. What a joke of a company.

So at this point I am going to sit down with both people involved with the kitchen and vanity jobs and see if they want to take this to the next step in the legal system. This has all taken place in the last month and half.

Review about: Granite.

Monetary Loss: $500.


Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #684243

This guys name is Steve. He is complaining, without ever having been an actual customer of ours. Never paid us a dime, never signed a contract with us, nothing entitling him to write this review what so ever.

Steve is a handyman, and was doing work for two of our customers. We had a special where you get a free vanity with the purchase of a kitchen priced $1999 or more. Steve wanted to charge the daughter for the free vanity her mother would get if she spent $2000. The mother purchased a package that cost less than $2000 and the daughter paid us for the vanity seperately. This pissed Steve off since he wasnt able to make money off the mothers kitchen he was doing work on. He insisted we give him a vanity for free, or pay him what he would have charged her. Which we refused. (The $500 he's claiming as a monetary loss)

Long story short, Steve came to my business was incredibly rude and disrespectful to my wife being verbally abusive and ranting and raving until I heard this commotion with ear plugs in and everything from the opposite side of the building in another room. I came out, listened to what he had to say, and when he refused to calm down and be respectful he was told to leave and not return.

The kitchen and bathroom he references have been installed, and the mother and daughter who had contracts with me for the stone work are very happy with how it all turned out.

Steve is upset he couldnt squeeze any money out of the relationship I have with the mother and daughter, and is now on a mission to bad mouth me.

Even after he was told to leave my premises, he continues to email and harass us weeks after completion of the jobs, and was told if he continues to harass us we would file a complaint with the police.

Ask me for copies of his emails and you can make your own judgements.

I'm sorry if my tolerance for crude and rude individuals is low, when they are extremely abusive with their language and behaviors with myself, or members of my family. I wont apologize for asking him to leave, or for asking him to stop harassing us.

His name is Steve Morey and I would advise anyone considering doing business with him not to. His work is atrocious, I'd be happy to send you pictures of his fantastic craftsmanship.


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Review about: Unearthed Stone Pinellas Park Fl.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



Marvin (the customer) fails to give the full story..... He ordered custom counter tops and was told 6-8 weeks as an estimated lead time. It took us 9 weeks. Marvin was extremely angry that it was not completed faster than we estimated, and took that out on us when we did show up to put in his counter tops. We left his house at 6pm on a Friday after telling him we'd have to return to finish his back splash and raised bar, but that his bathroom and kitchen counter tops were in.

It was at that point Marvin told us he was rejecting the job (not going to pay us) and that we did a sub par job because his job had seams in it. As he was told it would by 2 different people, on two different occasions, before he ever put down a deposit with us.

There was nothing wrong with his job, and we were in constant contact via email even after the confrontation at the installation. Marvin has paid me in full for his job.....something that people who reject the quality of your work don't do. Contrary to his posting, there has been no monetary loss, materials withheld,.....etc. Marvin paid for the fabrication of stone, and received that. His contract stated installation was free, and he received that as well.

This guy is just trying to anonymously rant because we didnt finish the job sooner than he had hoped, even when he was told it wouldnt happen that fast right up front. He blew a fuse when he was told we weren't going to be able to finish in a day, and really thats all that has happened.

Sometimes the customer is the problem, not the other way around. Here's an email from Marvin dated May 21st......3 days after he wrote the review above:

"thanks and I;m sorry for the trouble. You were right - once i took the emotion out of it - it was more clear. Thanks again for your patience. Do you have an expected time when you think you may arrive? See yea Friday - my wife cant wait for the granite to be done!"

Sounds like someone who has dealt with the most terrible and unprofessional company in his life doesn't it? :? :?

Feel free to contact my company for a full "transcript" of the events between Marvin and I, and all communications between us to make your own fair and un biased opinions concerning the events Marvin paints above vs. what ACTUALLY happened.

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